EIGHT INNOVATIONS is a consortium of leading German technology companies within the field of infrastructural systems. The consortium focuses on the creation and marketing of modular system solutions for intelligent, stand-alone water and energy provision. EIGHT INNOVATIONS’ portfolio includes the resource efficient and energy efficient supply, use and recovery of water, in addition to stand-alone energy provision.

Systems Integrator


Through the bundling of core capabilities EIGHT INNOVATIONS acts as a systems integrator offering complete infrastructure solutions to the market. Clear advantages involved include the integration of individual project elements within a single system portfolio, as well as the creation of a one-stop shop for customer care and project management.

Innovation Leader


As innovation leader, EIGHT INNOVATIONS is continually adjusting its product portfolio to meet clients’ requirements and offer the latest technological advances. Research and development are at the heart of the consortium, which is also supported by some leading research institutions. Thus the solutions portfolio always includes the latest technological developments, which allows EIGHT INNOVATIONS the flexibility to consider market requirements and find the right solutions with speed and accuracy.

A Modular System

Standardised modular system design is key to EIGHT INNOVATIONS. With this at its core, EIGHT INNOVATIONS can confidently offer system solutions to meet numerous customer requirements and offer best value for money. Such a system also provides an innovation platform for the consortium members with their individual competencies, and thus recreates the “synergy effect” of a large company, however without losing the innovative edge that characterises small to medium enterprises.

Quality Assurance

EIGHT INNOVATIONS brings the quality assurance “Made in Germany” to the field of stand- alone infrastructure solutions. This quality is guaranteed through internal quality benchmarks.